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Stay and Play

Stay and play group
Stay and Play Flyer

In the session

Come and learn about Montessori principles and how they can help with early years development.

In a calm relaxed environment spend a few hours a week developing your knowledge and your child's development through fun engaging activities with an educational purpose.

 Learn how simple activities can help develop lifelong learning.

In the session there are Montessori activities some singing, snack and messy play.

The early years are an incredibly important time in a Childs brain development and life, developing positive behaviour patterns at this stage means a child doesn't need to relearn these patterns later in life they will carry them with them through schooling and into adulthood.

The session is led by me nanny Jo I am there to help understand the environment, Montessori, and any other issues you might be having at home even if it's just ways to help a toddler start to put on their shoes by themselves.

Montessori is not a huge over hall in your life if you dont want it to be adding elements will help your home feel like a calmer space.

I have created a free down loadable PDF with some simple ideas

4 Steps to creating a calm play focused area in your home.  


Upton Grey Village hall 

Upton Grey, Basingstoke,

RG25 2RA


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