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Group therapy


If you are feeling challenged as a parent and no matter what you try it seems to end in the same result, anger, negativity, upset, doors being slammed, disciplines that dont seem to teach anything. A parenting workshop can help turn your home life round in a very quick amount of time. 

What will I learn in a workshop?

In one of my workshops, you will learn that communication is at the heart of every family, and it is often the vital element that is missing. Understanding that communication is about everybody being heard not just the adult’s voice or who can shout the loudest. The workshops offer an insight into various common family dynamics.  You will complete the workshop with a large number of tools that can help support you with the issues you are currently having as well as any that might come up in the future.  The workshop shows you how to live your life as a family respecting each other’s boundaries and how if those boundaries are not respected to create solutions as a family. 

The workshop covers subjects such as The positive approach, Focusing on Solutions, Family meetings, connection before correction and other Positive discipline strategies that can be found in the book-  Positive discipline by Jane Nelsen or in this free download

The workshop is offered in three different ways

  • The online workshop is delivered via zoom over a series of sessions. A date is set, You sign up for the sessions you pay the course fee then attend from the comfort of your own home.

  • In person workshop is set up in a location a date is set then you sign up for all seven sessions. pay the course fee then attend the workshop this can be useful for nurseries that want to offer parenting support.

  • Bespoke I can offer the course focusing on specific issues you are currently having. You might just feel that everybody in the household is doing what they want when it comes to discipline rather than having a plan that everybody understands and contributes to. This workshop can be presented online to a small private group or in a venue. For example, if you have a team of people helping to look after the children such as parents, nannies, possibly housekeepers then I can come to your home and provide elements of the workshop so you can start to work cohesively.

Next Workshop

Join Us on the 20th of February for a 6 week parenting workshop

Giving you the tools to support your family in a calm, non punitive way were striving for solutions and empathy works.

If you want to know more about the workshop please call or message me and i will get back to you.

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