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Showing expatiations

We cant expect child to know what your exaptation is if they have never been shown. If a child under the age of 3 opens a new toy you had them the box they take the object out (it is new they have never see this before) They are in a heighten state of excitement because you are they pull it out and start pulling it “ is it stretchy? Does it come apart? “bashing it “is it an instrument? Does it drop?” at this point is when an adult will start say “no don’t pull it! No don’t hit the floor with it” and take it off the child. So the child’s introduction to this object is not the most positive start so then it sits in the toy box with all the other toys they have had a negative introduction to. Imagen the same situation but you let the child know after you have opened the box I will show you how to uses it then hand it back and let them discover it for them self’s. Children do not automatically link learning to each action, event till they are 4/5 years old so treat each one like it is a learning opportunity so when they get to 4/5 years old they have a solid foundation to reflect and problem solve.

"Take time to teach" ref positive discipline


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