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Welcome to Tea Break with Nanny Jo and Our Empowering Workshops!

At Tea Break with Nanny Jo, we believe that parenting is a journey best shared. Our workshops provide a supportive space for parents, caregivers, and educators to learn, connect, and grow. Let’s explore what we offer:
Positive Discipline: Unlocking Tools for Family Support
  • Certified Parent Coach: As a certified parent coach following the Dr. Janet Nelson program of positive discipline, I bring evidence-based strategies to empower your parenting journey.

  • Community Connection: Join our vibrant community of parents and teachers who believe in the power of positive discipline.

  • Non-Punitive Approach: Positive discipline is a non-punitive system that focuses on respect, collaboration, and effective tools for family support.

Workshop Options
  1. Taster Session (1 Day):

    • Dip your toes into positive discipline with our condensed taster session.

    • Explore key concepts and practical tools.

  2. 3-Session Series:

    • Delve deeper with three sessions that build on each other.

    • Gain insights and strategies for everyday challenges.

  3. Full Course (6 Sessions):

    • Extend your learning journey with our comprehensive full course.

    • Dive into advanced topics and personalized solutions.

  4. Group Workshops:

    • Gather your friends or fellow parents.

    • Create a group and let’s facilitate the course together.

Online Learning
  • Flexible Options: Choose how much you want to learn.

  • Book Inspiration: Explore “Positive Discipline” by Janet Nelsen for a glimpse into the system.

30 Years of Wisdom
  • Adler’s Theories: Our system is based on Alfred Adler’s theories.

  • Montessori Alignment: Most Montessori settings embrace positive discipline—it aligns with Montessori’s principles of learning.

Join us for tea, learning, and growth. Let’s nurture respectful, thriving families together

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