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Montessori Home Enrichment Sessions ( Tutor)

£35 ph.

5 hours min

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Montessori Home Enrichment Sessions

About Our Service

At Ask Nanny Jo, I am passionate about nurturing young minds through Montessori principles. My Montessori Home Enrichment Sessions bring the magic of Montessori directly to your doorstep. Here’s what you can expect:

What I Offer
  1. Personalized Learning and Play:

    • I tailor each session to your child’s unique needs and interests.

    • Through purposeful play, I encourage independence, curiosity, and a love for learning.

  2. Montessori Materials:

    • My sessions include Montessori materials.

    • These materials are carefully selected to promote sensory exploration, fine motor skills, and cognitive development.

  3. Behavior Techniques:

    • We discuss positive behavior techniques rooted in Montessori philosophy.

    • Learn how to guide your child with respect, consistency, and empathy.

  4. Creating a Montessori Environment:

    • I can help transform your home into a Montessori-inspired space.

    • From arranging furniture to organizing materials, I’ll guide you step by step.

Session Details
  • Duration: Each session is a minimum of 5 hours for London-based clients.

  • In-Home Visits: I come to your home, to ensure a comfortable and familiar environment for your child.

Why Montessori?
  • Independence: Montessori fosters self-reliance and confidence.

  • Joyful Learning: Children explore at their own pace, driven by curiosity.

  • Respectful Discipline: I emphasize positive guidance over punishment.

Get Started

Ready to embark on this enriching journey? Contact me to schedule your Montessori Home Enrichment Session. Let’s create a nurturing environment where your child thrives!

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