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Positive Parenting course

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As a certified parent coach following the Dr Janet Nelson program of positive discipline. This is a set course.  It is available in group sessions or individual and supported by the books and a large community of parents and teachers who believe in the program.

Positive discipline is a non punitive discipline system with tools to help support your family. At It's hart it is about respect, just learning a few of the tools the course provides you will wonder why everybody doesn't have access to this information.

  • I can deliver the course as a taster session which is one day

  • 3 sessions with the ability to extend into the full course which is 6

  • if you have a few friends who are interested in learning more you can create a group and I can come in and facilitate the course.

  • On line courses

It is up to you how much you want to learn.

Using the book positive discipline by Janet Nelsen you can get a good idea of what it involves.

The system is based on Adler’s theories and is 30 years old. Most Montessori setting use the system as it is in line with Montessori’s principles of learning.  

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