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Progressive, positive, parenting coach 

Welcome to a family life where every voice is heard. From infancy to teenage years, I am here to help you navigate the ups and downs of parenting, with professional advice. Creating a calm, communicative, connected household. No matter what stage you are at in your parenting journey, I can help with measurable and achievable goals to help you build the family life you want.

Let me help you create a home where everyone can thrive.

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It all starts with a connection. What does your family need at the moment?


My name is Jo. I have been working with children since I attended Norland Collage in the early 90s. I have been working with children all my life, even before I knew what I would do with my career I helped in the school nursery, church crèches and volunteered with the younger girls in the boarding house. My career has been a vocation rather than a choice and all my experience knowledge and qualifications have been chosen because of my love of children and my ability to be their advocate. 

I have been working professionally with children since I began Norland at the age of 17. There isn’t much I have not come across in my career. I have dealt with children who are extremely ill, who have severe behavioural problems, who have special educational needs, I have helped parents understand their children with Bespoke Family Support when they feel their lives are out of control, I have looked after families and their new babies as a maternity nurse and large groups of children as a Montessori teacher and even very intimate one to one in play therapy sessions.

Throughout all my experience I believe that Montessori is the best type of child care for children as it offers the one to one holistic care a child needs, supporting the child to be independent and develop a intrinsic love of learning that is so important in the early years as the brain develops. Parenting can be overwhelming and my Norland training and the Montessori Pedagogy offer parents and carers a down to earth easy to understand way to have the most fun with your children.

I support parents in their homes with Bespoke Family Support using  gentle supportive techniques that allow you to set firm boundaries were commination is key.     





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